Pallet Solutions

If you are looking for more than just a common GMA pallet, we’ve got you covered. Our Custom Pallet plant provides new custom pallets to companies all over Utah. Our amazing team will work with you on creating the perfect size pallet to fit your specific needs.

  • New Heat Treated lumber 48x40 4-way pallets with 6" lead boards.
  • New lumber 48x40 4-way heavy duty pallets with a 3"x4" middle stringer.
  • New Heat Treated lumber 48x40 4-way Block pallets exceeding "pooled pallet" specifications - federally certified for international shipping.
  • Custom new lumber pallets built to your size and specifications.
  • Custom built new lumber crates of all sizes with a pallet base.
  • Recycled 48x40 4-way Grade A and Grade B pallets.