As one of Utah's largest pallet recyclers, we provide our customers with reliable, cost-effective solutions to all their pallet needs. No job is too large or too small. Whether you’re looking for the common 48x40 pallet or a custom pallet of any specification, Pallet Express can make it happen!

Custom Pallets & Crating

If you are looking for more than just a common GMA pallet, we’ve got you covered. Our Custom Pallet plant provides new custom pallets to companies all over Utah. Our amazing team will work with you on creating the perfect size pallet to fit your specific needs.

Recycled Pallets

We are one of Utah’s largest suppliers of recycled pallets. Our repairmen are great at what they do! We are accountable to our customers and promise to provide high quality recycled pallets at a cost-effective rate. Just give us a call!

Pallet Solutions


See Our [Pallet] Environmental Impact.

Recycling is very important to us here at Pallet Express. If a pallet cannot be repaired, we don’t just throw it out! Our repairmen collect these broken pallets and send them to our sister company, Woodscape of Utah, where they are turned into a beautiful wood mulch to decorate your yard.

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